Interim Manager – Sales Department

Everything under control: An Interim Manager as a solution for the Sales Department

The Sales Manager is responsible for all sales processes in the company and participates in the development of marketing campaigns as well as sales strategies. The objective of his position is to create the right structures and motivate employees to achieve sales targets and increase turnover figures, thus ensuring entrepreneurial growth. In doing so, he works in close cooperation with the company´s management regarding the implementation of the agreed sales strategy. In the event of a vacancy, this interface should be filled promptly with an interim solution – in order to be able to conduct the selection of a suitable candidate for the position in an unhurried manner and to know that the sales area is in good hands during this period.

Forward looking. Committed. Competent.

The Interim Sales Manager gets directly involved in the day-to-day business and immediately takes over all sales processes in the company. He obtains a comprehensive overview, continues target-oriented processes, optimizes deadlocked structures and develops new strategies to achieve sales targets and open up new lines of business. If necessary, he also restructures the sales team or changes the sales model from direct sales to internal and external sales or vice versa. Whatever measures he takes, his strategy always runs parallel with the overall corporate goals.

In addition to in-depth specialist knowledge, he also possesses the social and communication skills required for this position. On the one hand, he is responsible for managing the entire sales team, which means that employee appraisals and any recruiting processes in sales fall within his area of responsibility. On the other hand, he also takes an active role in the acquisition and support of key accounts, which are of major importance to the company.

Smart concepts

In order to be capable of strategically positioning the company´s products and services skillfully on the market, to stand out from the competition most effectively, and to define a good pricing strategy, close cooperation between the Interim Sales Manager and the marketing department is absolutely essential. Only then can smart concepts succeed in convincing customers and generating sales.

The Interim Sales Manager works side by side with the other C-level managers and advises on an equal ranking basis on the further development of the company´s future orientation. The interim solution creates clear advantages for companies: A time buffer for the selection of a suitable manager, a competent contact person for all areas of sales, optimally supported key accounts, but above all, the best possible placement of the company´s own products and services on the market.

Especially in times when it is difficult to recruit highly qualified sales managers and when unfilled positions could lead to companies falling behind due to the challenging economic situation, the assignment of an Interim Sales Manager is an excellent alternative.

About Interim Manager

Interim Managers, a temporary executive, offer their services on a self-employed basis. Their services are remunerated in daily rates, which already include all other incidental costs. The daily rate for an Interim Manager depends on the expertise he or she brings, the content of the project, his or her responsibility and the duration of the project. An Interim Manager works for a company from a few months to more than a year. The assignment can be full-time or only as needed.

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