The direct personnel search –
the Executive Search

Are you looking to fill an important key position on a long-term basis? We use direct search to permanently and efficiently fill leadership positions competently and with added value. Nationally and internationally.

Filling a vacant or new position can be a lengthy and emotional process. The real challenge for companies is not only to look for the manager with the best industry expertise, but to find the ideal fit for the company and its respective culture. This process can be demanding if you don’t have the right business partner at your side. We support companies in filling executive positions – always keeping a close eye on the situational demands and following a clearly structured process.

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The Proposal phase in direct search

At Reckers & Griesbach we first start by getting to know and understand your company and its culture. In an in-depth briefing, we work out what your ideal candidate could look like and what expectations and requirements you have of your future leader.

As early as the proposal phase, we deliver results in the form of a comprehensive analysis, a summary of the situation and an evaluation of the most important competencies for the respective management position to be filled.

Thanks to our many years of experience, a high degree of empathy and sensitivity, we have a natural intuition as to which person fits the respective challenge, can generate added value and can optimally fit into or shape the corporate culture.

Our “out-of-the-box approach” is tried and tested. We do not focus purely on the candidate’s years of experience and the “perfect” professional fit, but instead, focus on the individual person and his/her competencies. Excellent leaders inspire change and do not have to be a better expert than their team members!

What is Executive Search and how can Executive Search benefit my company?

Executive Search is a proactive and discreet approach to finding the ideal candidate for an executive position. It differs significantly from the database and ad-driven approach as each search is exclusive and structured around clear objectives. This allows you to plan, save costs and time.

Acting as your spokesperson and, to a certain extent, as part of your company, we approach candidates directly and confidentially. In doing so, we put our many years of experience to good use, and where necessary, our creativity. The goal of our direct search for executives is to find candidates who are successful in their current position, but who you and we can inspire to accept a new challenge.

For us, this means seeing potential candidates from the perspective of your company. With this attitude, we not only find the most suitable executives for you, but can also represent your company authentically and appropriately on the market.

The advantages of Executive Search

A prudent filling of a leadership position is a mental as well as a gut decision. We will assist you in your search and in making the right decision using all our know-how. Executive Search offers several advantages:

uAccess to top talent

Although we can draw on an extensive network, for each search we exclusively target those candidates who are not actively searching, but have a proven track record of success in their current company.

uTime and cost factor

Our structured and targeted process enables us to achieve predictable success and to recruit the most suitable candidates for our clients as quickly as possible.

uAvoidance of misplacements

Our detailed selection process and understanding of your requirements enable us to find the personalities who can make a lasting impact in your company.

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Would you like to get to know us better?

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From offer to placement

Based on our extensive preparation for each search, we know the demands and challenges of our customers and can thus identify the most suitable candidates and win them for your company as quickly as possible. After we have made a pre-selection of the best candidates who match your desired profile, we conduct personal interviews in which we evaluate professional, but particularly personal competencies and motivation in detail.

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We ask for references and recommend a leadership assessment in order to obtain a comprehensive picture of each candidate. From offer to placement and beyond, in Executive Search we have clearly structured processes. Not only do we create complete transparency, but we also remain close to all parties involved in terms of communication.

All consultants at Reckers & Griesbach see themselves as active partners working alongside you to address issues and challenges and develop tailor-made solutions.

This is how we proceed in detail for you:

Proposal and briefing
As early as the tendering phase, we deliver results in the form of a comprehensive analysis and summary of the situation and an evaluation of the most important competencies for the respective management position to be filled.
Approach and selection
Acting as your spokesperson and, to a certain extent, as part of your company, we approach candidates proactively and present you in the best possible light, even in exceptional situations. The selection is made on the basis of clear professional and measurable criteria and by means of competence-based interviews.
Assessment and references
Following the first interviews between our customers and candidates, we recommend an assessment and ask for references in order to get a complete picture of each person.
Placement and process management
We not only create complete transparency throughout the entire process of a search, but also remain in close communication with all parties involved. We see ourselves as a proactive HR service provider, who addresses issues and challenges and develops solutions.

We fill leadership positions. Permanent and Interim.