Executive Search

The direct personnel search โ€“
the Executive Search

Are you looking to fill or replace a management position? We place management positions efficiently and transparently via direct search, the Executive Search.

The real challenge for companies is not to find the best technically suitable candidates, but to find leaders who are a cultural fit and have the right leadership skills for the specific situation. This is where we see the added value of Reckers & Griesbach. Through a deep understanding of your corporate culture and the ability to evaluate leadership skills, we identify the most suitable leaders and recruit them for your company.

We support companies with the recruitment of management positions – always with a close eye on the requirements of the situation, in a clearly structured process.

How does Executive Search work for your company?

Executive Search is a proactive and discreet approach to finding the ideal candidates for a management position. The process is structured, transparent and linked to clear objectives. This allows you to have predictability, cost, and time savings. As your mouthpiece and, to a certain extent, part of your company, we approach candidates directly and confidentially.

The purpose of the search is to find candidates who are successful in their current positions, but who can be encouraged by you and us to take on a new challenge. For us, this means seeing potential candidates from the perspective of your company. With this attitude, we not only identify the right leaders for you, but can also represent your company authentically and appropriately.

From proposal to placement

As early as the offer phase, we provide the results of a comprehensive analysis, a summary of the situation and an evaluation of the most important skills for the management position to be filled.

Based on extensive and individual preparation for a search, we know the requirements and challenges and can therefore identify the most suitable candidates for your company as quickly as possible upon being commissioned. Once we have made a pre-selection of the best candidates who match your desired profile, we conduct personal interviews in which we evaluate professional and, in particular, personal skills and motivation in detail.

In the subsequent discussions between you and the candidates, we always remain in close contact with all parties involved, moderate the process, and ensure that the search is completed promptly by continuing our activities. From offer to placement and beyond, we have clearly structured processes in the Executive Search. We take our role as a proactive service provider very seriously and not only do we provide complete transparency, but also keep our processes lean, making things simple for everyone involved. All Reckers & Griesbach consultants see themselves as proactive partners at your side, addressing challenges and developing solutions.

This is how we proceed for you in detail

The benefits of Executive Search

Access to top talent: Even if we have an extensive network, for each search we exclusively approach candidates who are not actively looking but have a proven track record of success in their current company.

Time and cost efficiency: Thanks to our structured and targeted process, we achieve predictable success and can therefore attract the most suitable candidates for you as quickly as possible.

Avoiding poor hires: Our detailed selection process and understanding of your requirements enable us to find the right personalities who can make a lasting impact in your company.

Executive Search:
Targeted executive recruitment

In our Executive Search process, we achieve a placement rate of > 90%, presenting our shortlist of candidates within 34 days on average and successfully completing our searches in 90 days. We don’t focus purely on years of experience and the “perfect” technical fit, but rather on people and their competencies. Excellent leaders inspire for change and do not have to be better suited technically than their team!

We fill leadership positions. Permanent and Interim.