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Interim Management

You don’t want to lose any time in your recruiting process or need short-term support for a project? We fill management positions on an interim basis.

Due to classic vacancy coverage and new projects, there is always a short-term need for qualified managers. In addition, there may be reorganizations and restructurings in the company. Interim managers are always considered in such situations.

Particularly in special and challenging times, it is important for a company to find a suitable manager who is available promptly and can provide target-oriented support with the necessary know-how.

How does Interim Management work?

If your company needs a replacement at short notice as one of your managers is stepping down or a restructuring is imminent, you have the following options:

  • You decide to fill the position in the long term and calculate a certain vacancy period. Ideally, you can cover the position internally until the successor arrives.
  • You look for a permanent successor and appoint an interim manager for the period in which the position is vacant. The vacancy is thus filled at short notice and a seamless transition is guaranteed.

The interaction between Interim Management and Executive Search is therefore complementary and makes it possible to guarantee stability and knowledge transfer.

Cooperation with interim managers

Interim managers offer their services on an independent basis. Their services are remunerated in daily fees. There are no non-wage labor costs, and only working hours are remunerated. The daily fee for interim managers depends on their expertise, the content of the project, the level of responsibility and the duration of the project.

An interim manager works for a company for periods ranging from a few weeks to several months. The assignment can be full-time or as required.

It is important for companies to clearly define in advance which exact tasks and projects the interim manager will take on and how much time is required. This means that expectations and budget can be clarified right at the start of the collaboration.

Our Network

Our team will work with you to define a requirements profile that clearly defines your needs and requirements.

Thanks to our extensive network of interim managers, we are able to make a prompt and targeted selection of suitable managers who have the relevant expertise and are available at short notice.

With our network of interim managers from the areas of general management, finance, HR, production, restructuring and other functions, we offer the most suitable options. Throughout the entire process, you will be closely accompanied and supported by us in the best possible way.

This is how we work for you in detail

Advantages of Interim Management

The interim replacement of a vacant position at management level does not always have to occur only in times of crisis or restructuring. There are often special projects to be managed for which the necessary know-how is lacking internally, or there is a lack of capacity. There are many reasons for using interim managers and they offer several advantages:

Know-how: Interim managers require a short onboarding thanks to their expertise, which keeps your business processes flowing. You gain a manager at short notice who will lead your company or team to the desired goal with new impulses and specialist expertise.

Time and cost factor: We find the right candidates for you in an average time frame of less than three days. This gives you more planning security and flexibility at short notice. This gives you more planning security and flexibility at short notice.

Backfilling: You gain additional time for the further application process, which may be required for the permanent replacement and can sometimes take longer.

Interim Management –
Managers available at short notice

There are various reasons for filling management positions at short notice and for a limited period of time. This usually occurs in the transition to a permanent replacement, during restructuring and for project-based tasks. With our network of interim managers, we offer suitable solutions that are available at short notice. Within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your request, we will send you a shortlist of suitable and available interim managers.

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