Leadership Assessment

Making sound personnel decisions โ€“
the Leadership Assessment

Do you want to make sound personnel decisions? To evaluate leadership skills in more detail, we offer the design, implementation, and moderation of assessment centers as an optional part of our search process and as an independent service.

The results of an assessment center not only provide a solid basis for decision-making, but also serve as an orientation for the development areas of a manager.

Why is a leadership assessment worthwhile?

No two leaders are alike and no two positions have exactly the same requirements. The leadership assessment is an effective tool for evaluating leadership competencies and describing a person’s unique characteristics.

A leadership assessment can be created for any position within an organization, from entry-level management to CEO. When filling a management position, you want to gain a detailed picture of the person.

  • Do the management skills match your requirements?
  • How do the characteristics fit in with my corporate culture?
  • What other competencies does the person bring to the table?
  • What personal development is the person striving for?
  • Where are possible fields of action in the integration of the new manager?

The advantages of a leadership assessment

We use science-based and practice-proven procedures in relation to self-reflection and aptitude diagnostics in order to make meaningful and well-founded decisions.

Our leadership assessment provides you with a comprehensive profile of the candidate in terms of:

  • Management style
  • Leadership characteristics
  • Motivation
  • Work culture
  • Fields of development

Our detailed selection process and our understanding of your requirements enable us to find the right personalities who can make a lasting impact in your company.

This is how we proceed in detail for you:

We offer the Leadership Assessment as an optional component of the Executive Search and as an independent, comprehensive service. In summary, this includes:

Executive Search:
Targeted executive recruitment

In our Executive Search process, we achieve a placement rate of > 90%, presenting our shortlist of candidates within 34 days on average and successfully completing our searches in 90 days. We don’t focus purely on years of experience and the “perfect” technical fit, but rather on people and their competencies. Excellent leaders inspire for change and do not have to be better suited technically than their team!

We fill leadership positions. Permanent and Interim.