Interim Management Restructuring

Acting quickly in times of crisis

In an era where constant change is becoming the norm, companies can easily become unbalanced and fall into crisis.

In these situations, quick action is required. Be it a drop in sales, disruptions in supply chains or a business model that is not working as planned. For many companies, these are new challenges that require proven management strategies.

The management must overcome many challenges, such as restructuring or reorganization. They are required to communicate with owners, banks and other stakeholders, manage the financial realignment and make serious decisions.

Competency in crisis management – Restructurer available at short notice

In such critical phases, the future of a company can be at stake if the management is uncertain. Experienced interim managers can often be the best solution in such cases. They implement measures effectively and know when and how to involve lawyers, deal with banks and owners and communicate with employees. They also promote a relationship of trust between the various stakeholders through mediation and moderation.

Understanding complexity and making change happen

We understand the complexity and urgency associated with restructuring processes. Our strength relies on our broad network of qualified interim managers who have extensive experience in dealing with critical situations. We offer tailor-made solutions to not only overcome crises, but also to ensure long-term success.

Interim Management –
Managers available at short notice

There are various reasons for filling management positions at short notice and for a limited period of time. This usually occurs in the transition to a permanent replacement, during restructuring and for project-based tasks. With our network of interim managers, we offer suitable solutions that are available at short notice. Within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your request, we will send you a shortlist of suitable and available interim managers.

We fill leadership positions. Permanent and Interim.