The pharmaceutical industry manufactures medicines and pharmaceutical products for both human and veterinary medicine. Germany is one of the most important markets worldwide and the largest market in Europe in terms of turnover.

The Pharmaceutical Industry, with its high productivity and innovative strength, can play a key role in the restructuring of Germany’s business model and help to secure growth and prosperity.

Key figures

More than 600 pharmaceutical companies are based in Germany, both local German companies as well as multinationals. More than 90 % of the companies producing in Germany employ fewer than 500 people.


The Pharmaceutical Industry in Germany has undergone significant changes in recent years, driven by technological advances as well as regulatory and market developments.

The regulatory framework in Germany and the EU has evolved to promote innovation while ensuring patient safety.

In addition, the integration of digital technologies and artificial intelligence enables the acceleration of research and development.


Growth opportunities are closely linked to the encouragement of innovation, digital transformation, and the optimization of regulatory strategies. By investing, companies can accelerate their processes and improve market access for new drugs. At the same time, it is crucial to develop effective pricing and reimbursement strategies and integrate sustainability within the corporate strategy.

Leaders play a central role in this process by fostering a culture of innovation, attracting, and retaining talented employees. They must proactively monitor global and local trends and adapt their strategies accordingly to ensure the growth of their organization while making a positive impact on healthcare. We support you in winning these leaders for your organization.

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