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To reflect the diversity of leadership topics, the blog spans the entire spectrum of leadership. Here you will find classic leadership topics on the latest findings in leadership behavior and insights into recruitment processes. Here, we as experts share our knowledge in the form of professional articles, interviews on current topics and field reports. You can expect exciting insights into topics such as leadership, personal development and insights into the company Reckers & Griesbach.

  • Human Resources – Tasks between tradition and reorientation
    Two colleagues discuss in the corridor in the office building

    A company´s most valuable resource is undoubtedly its employees. Human Resources (HR) is therefore of paramount relevancy to a well-thought-out, well-managed corporate strategy with all its associated processes and goals. In reality, unfortunately, the situation is often quite different, especially in medium-sized companies. A number of steps are still [...]

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  • Change Manager in the company: Resilience as an essential key competence
    Man in suit stands in front of mountain

    Companies are subject to permanent change in their day-to-day operations. The demands of an increasingly fast-paced world ensure that technical developments, digitization, employee demands, communication structures, shortages of skilled workers or rationalization measures are in a constant state of flux, and it is nevertheless the task of leaders to [...]

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  • How to achieve corporate goals: Leadership behavior is often decisive
    A man sitting opposite a woman puts his index finger over his mouth

    Leadership behavior and leadership styles The basic behavior of leaders toward their employees is associated with certain characteristics. A leader can act fairly and empathically or exhibit authoritarian and erratic leadership behavior. Good leaders can inspire, motivate and set an example by being honest, transparent and open. Collaborative leadership [...]

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  • Bogus self-employment Interim Manager
    Dr. Werner Loose in an interview

    Bogus self-employment: The “bogus giant“of interim management Interim managers offer their collaboration to companies for temporary projects. They work as self-employed persons and, depending on the assignment, may find themselves in situations that make it difficult to distinguish their role from that of salaried employees of the company. [...]

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  • Entrepreneurial success only through good leadership?
    Reckers & Griesbach

    How Reckers & Griesbach use their approach to find the right leaders “We believe that with good leadership and a strong team, every organization will succeed”. This is the approach of Reckers & Griesbach. Yet what does this mean in concrete terms when it comes to filling management [...]

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