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To reflect the diversity of leadership topics, the blog spans the entire spectrum of leadership. Here you will find classic leadership topics on the latest findings in leadership behavior and insights into recruitment processes. Here, we as experts share our knowledge in the form of professional articles, interviews on current topics and field reports. You can expect exciting insights into topics such as leadership, personal development and insights into the company Reckers & Griesbach.

  • From the series: Successful succession planning – corporate culture as a component of succession planning in family businesses
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    Family-owned businesses are distinguished by their unique corporate structure and accompanying corporate culture, as leadership responsibility is often not distributed among many but carried by a single individual. This person stands at the center, possessing in-depth background knowledge, making all decisions, and understanding the company's strategy. When the long-standing management retires or exits due [...]

  • WirtschaftsWoche ranking “Best headhunter 2023”
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    WirtschaftsWoche's ranking for the "Best headhunter 2023" is based on a comprehensive assessment carried out by Christel Gade, a professor at the IU University of Applied Sciences. It was supported by the Federal Association of German Management Consultants (BDU) and the DFKthe association for specialists and managers. This year, Reckers & Griesbach was once [...]

  • From the series: Successful succession planning – how family-run companies can make a smooth transition to external management
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    Every family business faces the question of appointing a successor at some point. Should a family member continue to run the business in keeping with the tradition? Should you rely on an internal employee with potential or should an external manager take over the helm?  About half of family entrepreneurs opt for a successor from [...]

  • Feedback culture as a management tool: How regular and constructive feedback can improve employee performance
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    For some years now, companies have been focusing on sustainability in a wide range of contexts and, in doing so, have been redefining their existing patterns of thought and action. Hierarchical management has had its day and employee appraisals are no longer a one-off annual event. The trend towards straightforward, transparent communication is gaining [...]

  • Sustainable leadership – How can managers steer their company toward sustainability and what role can their human resources play in this?
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    For some years now, companies have been facing strong challenges due to a shortage of skilled workers, a scarcity of resources, digitalization and globalization. In order to emerge successfully from this change in the long term and to be able to survive in the market, a realignment of the corporate strategy and frequently also [...]

  • Hard Skills: How much importance is placed on technical skills in companies?
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    When job vacancies are advertised in a company, the task is to find a suitable candidate. One important variable in the hiring of new employees, but also especially in the selection of candidates for leadership positions, are the existing hard skills. Already in the run-up to the job advertisement, department heads and HR specialists consider [...]