About us

We are breaking new ground

We are able to draw on decades of expertise in successfully filling leadership positions in executive search and interim management. We have made it our mission to reconceptualise leadership. For us, leadership, especially in today´s working world, is synonymous with new and sometimes unconventional ways of doing things. Leadership is more complex today than ever before, and in order to move companies forward in a well-positioned manner, we are focusing on a new understanding at this point and aligning our support in personnel selection with it.

Reckers & Griesbach

Since 2020, we have been growing continuously. In the company itself and in our team of specialists, it is particularly important to us that we act together and each member of the company individually, as an individual, autonomously and independently, contributing our own solutions at all times.

Listening and thinking ahead

We listen carefully to what companies are specifically looking for – not only with regard to the position to be filled; the strategic orientation of the company, but also with regard to the team as an integral part of the company. Keeping these aspects in mind, we carefully identify and select candidates. That is because, as far as we are concerned, a leadership position is not necessarily filled with the perfect candidate just because he or she possesses outstanding professional experience, but rather, because he or she convinces us across the board by virtue of his or her personal skills and abilities.
What we want to nurture is innovative spirit, dynamism and drive. This is because the broad transformation brought about by globally open markets or the digital revolution is creating new challenges for business leaders. Gone are the outdated hierarchies and rigid structures in favour of a situational, agile or integrative style of leadership. Today, leadership also means coaching employees, making decisions on a collaborative basis and responding flexibly to challenges. Both on-site and off-site. This calls for strength of character and empathy. This is where the important potential lies in order for a company to be successful in tomorrow´s market.

It is important to us that we act together and that each of us, as an individual, acts autonomously and independently and contributes our
own solutions at all times.

Moderne challenges require solid teamwork

The working environment has become more complex. That´s why we like to keep our personal interactions clear and uncomplicated and attach great importance to creating an atmosphere of equality, transparency, commitment and respect. This applies to our leadership role, in our collegial interaction and in our dealings with our business partners and customers. We practice this philosophy every single day.

Wir besetzen Führungspositionen. Permanent und interimistisch.