Consumer Goods

FMCG – Consumer Goods

FMCG is short for “Fast Moving Consumer Goods”, i.e. consumer goods that are frequently repurchased and are characterized by a rapid turnover rate. These goods, which are part of daily needs, can be divided into the food and near-food segments. The food segment includes food, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, and tobacco products.

Near-food, on the other hand, includes items such as personal care products and cosmetics, detergents and cleaning agents, paper hygiene products and supplies for pets.

Key figures

The global market for consumer goods is growing by around 2 – 3 % annually. Areas such as organic food and sustainable products are showing particularly strong growth.

In Germany, annual spending on food, beverages and tobacco products represents a considerable proportion, around 280 billion euros. The personal care and cosmetics segment also generates significant sales with a total market volume of around 15 billion euros. Furthermore, household cleaning products generate annual sales of around 6 billion euros.


Companies in the Consumer Goods sector are experiencing constant changes in their business models as a result of advancing digitalization, demographic change and socio-political changes that are profoundly reshaping consumer behaviour. People’s consumption habits and their implementation have changed permanently.

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