About Christine Flöck

Christine Flöck

Christine is a consultant at Reckers & Griesbach and has been supporting companies in their selection of specialists and executives since 2005.

She started her career as a HR consultant in South Africa. It was here that she received a first-class, international education and was able to gain exceptional experience in a diverse work environment in which there was a distinct shortage of skilled workers.

After more than 500 successful placements, Christine has proven herself to be a professional interface between clients and candidates. Determination, reliability, and excellent communication are her strong personal assets. Christine has completed two commercial apprenticeships and speaks fluent German and English.

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3 Questions to Christine

Question 1: What makes your daily experience at Reckers & Griesbach different from other personnel service providers?

We pay attention to a balanced mix of quality and quantity, we communicate our strengths and weaknesses and we reject assignments that we cannot accomplish to our own high standards of satisfaction. We treat our candidates and clients with a high degree of respect. We are down-to-earth and fast.

Question 2: Do you have a motto that can also be applied to your daily actions in the company?

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people don´t like doing” – for me, success in our industry is not exclusively a question of environment, a network or even luck. Success is based on many different factors: one important factor is continuous hard work. At Reckers & Griesbach we are hard-working and do not blame external factors for failure. We conduct self-reflection daily and thus continuously improve our processes.

Question 3: How do you motivate yourself or what motivates you every day?

I am very grateful that I work in an environment that enables me to be a full-time mum in full-time employment. Our structures, the support of my colleagues and our specialization give me maximum flexibility. This flexibility enables me to balance my job with my family. My gratitude for this environment is what motivates me.