About Darius Lamm

Darius Lamm

Darius is a Project Manager at Reckers & Griesbach. So far, he has become acquainted with the field of human resources from a wide variety of perspectives. Initially, he worked as a personnel consultant in HR and organizational development, where he developed and implemented strategic projects. After this role, he was involved in coaching job seekers. Most recently, he worked as a Project Manager in outplacement and was responsible for the project planning, monitoring, and management of various transfer companies and executive programs. He studied Social Sciences at Marburg with a focus on “Social Structure Analysis and Statistics”. He is fluent in both German and English He speaks fluent German and English.

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3 Questions for Darius

Question 1: What makes your daily experience at Reckers & Griesbach different from other personnel service providers?

Integrity is lived and experienced in all contexts. This is true within the team as well as in interactions with customers, partners, or clients. What impresses me about this integrity is how it embodies the “People-First Approach” in a professional yet authentic manner. This leads to collaborations where individual conversation partners and their contents are truly recognized, resulting in sustainable results and solutions.

Question 2: Your biggest learning from the past years?

Not to turn a situation into a permanent state. Sometimes, it’s essential to zoom out of the current state and view it as a snapshot within the bigger picture. This allows me to identify interrelations and opportunities between operational and strategic processes, modify them, and ultimately leverage synergies to add value.

Question 3: How or what motivates you daily?

I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone, whether it’s meeting new people or diving into new topics. This greatly motivates me because not only do I get to know new people or subjects, but through them, I continually get to know myself from a different perspective. For me, personally, it’s a wonderful win-win situation when encountering the unknown leads to discovering something new for the future.