About Gavaasgar Ragunathan

Gavaasgar Ragunathan

Gavaasgar is a consultant at Reckers & Griesbach and has more than 15 years of experience in executive search and interim management.

He started his career at a German boutique with a focus on healthcare, medtech and biotech. In the last 6 years he worked for an international consulting company and specialized in Technology, Software and IT. Clients benefit from his deep market knowledge in these areas. Gavaasgar is fluent in German, English and Tamil.

Profil Gavi Ragunathan – Reckers & GriesbachProfil Gavi Ragunathan – Reckers & Griesbach

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3 Questions to Gavi

Question 1: What makes your daily experience at Reckers & Griesbach different from other personnel service providers?

At R&G, teamwork & quality are very important and lived by all colleagues. The joint exchange on current projects/challenges can be solved better in a team, coupled with the high quality standards we set for ourselves. This is not only a success factor, but also fun!

Question 2: How do you motivate yourself or what motivates you every day?

To experience something new every day, to meet new people and also gain new experiences. That motivates me!

Question 3: What do you consider personally to be your most important ability/skill?

My most important skill, I believe, is listening. By actively listening, i can have a better understanding what other people are thinking and feeling. This is very helpful for my profession.