About Sonja Krichel

Sonja Krichel

Sonja is a consultant at Reckers & Griesbach. She has completed training as an industrial clerk and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus on human resources and labor law from FOM University.

Her career in human resources began as a personnel officer at a medium-sized family-owned company in the steel industry. Later, she was responsible for expanding a plastics and recycling site at a globally leading trading company.

After ten years of working at the corporate level, Sonja moved to an international HR consultancy specializing in the pharmaceutical, medical technology, and biotechnology sectors. Sonja is fluent in both German and English.


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3 Questions for Sonja

Question 1: What has been your biggest learning over the last few years?

In recent years, I’ve realized that learning is a continuous process that goes beyond formal education and spans one’s entire professional life. This insight has significantly influenced my approaches to professional and personal development. Continuous learning has allowed me to enhance my professional skills and deepen my understanding of global perspectives. It has also proved useful in staying adaptable to changes and effectively integrating new technologies and work methods.

Question 2: Do you have a motto that can also be applied to your daily actions in the company?

2. Do you have a motto that also reflects your daily actions in the company? “My motto, which also guides my daily actions in the company, is: ‘Transparency builds trust.’ I firmly believe that open communication is essential to building trustful relationships with my clients, partners, and employers. Therefore, I always strive to be transparent in all aspects of my work, whether it’s sharing information, explaining processes, or disclosing results. This clarity creates a solid foundation for trust, which is the basis for successful and long-lasting business relationships.

Question 3: How do you motivate yourself or what motivates you every day?

I find daily motivation in the opportunity to assist both companies and candidates on their path to success. It is incredibly rewarding to find the perfect match between a talented candidate and a challenging position. Every day offers the chance to help someone towards a more fulfilling career or to strengthen a company with the ideal candidate. The dynamic nature of my work keeps me constantly on the go. I love working in an environment that requires flexibility and quick adaptation. Understanding different corporate cultures and exploring what candidates are truly seeking makes my work both challenging and rewarding. The positive feedback from both the placed candidates and the companies is a strong motivator. It’s a great feeling to know that my work has a direct impact on other people’s lives and the performance of organizations.