About Giri Nallanathan

Giri Nallanathan

Giri Nallanathan is a consultant at Reckers & Griesbach and brings to us close to 20 years of executive search experience in the search and selection of professionals and executives, during that time he filled more than 300 positions.

His career began in Frankfurt working for an executive searchboutique focusing on industry, before joining an international consultancy, where he expanded his areas of expertise to include healthcare & life sciences, specializing in particular on the pharmaceutical, medical technology and hospital sectors.

He considers transparency and openness in communication with clients and candidates to be the driving force behind his approach to all projects in seeking the best possible fit for both parties.

Giri holds a degree in Linguistics from the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz as well as a degree in Business Administration from FernUniversität Hagen, and is fluent in German, English and Tamil.

Profil Giri Nallanathan – Reckers & GriesbachProfil Giri Nallanathan – Reckers & Griesbach

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3 Questions to Giri

Question 1: Your personal most important ability/skill?

My curiosity, my desire to understand new things and then to link them to my existing knowledge is frequently an excellent basis for my daily work. Despite my many years of experience in consulting, it is essential that you quickly familiarize yourself with constantly changing industries and markets, so that you can talk to clients and candidates at eye level and thereby offer them added value.

Question 2: Why would you use the services of Executive Search yourself?

This is a question that I cannot answer from a theoretical point of view, because I actually came to Reckers & Griesbach via an external personal consultancy. This was ultimately only successful because the consultant maintained a trusting relationship with me over the years. She understood my specific requirements regarding future employers and positions during this time and established the contact to R&G at the opportune moment. She also provided me with excellent support throughout the entire process.

Question 3: How do you motivate yourself or what motivates you every day?

The opportunity to be part of a team in which everyone can bring in their personal and professional strengths in order to contribute to its success – and also to have the opportunity to demonstrate this on a daily basis in terms of how we communicate and interact with each other. Additionally, I am motivated by the responsibility of being involved in projects that, when successfully accomplished, have a positive impact on the client´s entire business.