About Suman Bhatti

Suman Bhatti

Suman is a dual student at Reckers & Griesbach and studies business administration with a focus on marketing & digital media.

She is responsible for the planning and implementation of the marketing activities and advertising campaigns of Reckers & Griesbach as well as for the internal and external communication of the company.

Before joining Reckers & Griesbach, she gained her first professional experience in the financial and banking sector. She is fluent in German, English and Urdu.

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3 Questions to Suman

Question 1: What has been your biggest learning over the last few years?

One thing I have learned so far is that you have to define your goals clearly in order to achieve them. Be it in your professional life or in your private life. As long as you keep your clearly defined goals in sight it´s much easier to achieve them.

Question 2: What do you consider personally to be your most important ability/skill?

My most important skill is my ability to communicate. As the saying goes, “communication is the key”. It has always been important for me to maintain a good level of communication with my fellow human beings in order to achieve a better understanding between us.

Question 3: How do you motivate yourself or what motivates you every day?

I am motivated by an inner drive to always be able to learn something new and thus to develop myself both in my private life, but also professionally. Of course, there are also days when it´s harder for me to get motivated, but that´s perfectly fine, as long as I know that I stay motivated to pursue my goals in the long term.