Training for Interim Managers

Training for Interim Managers –
Become a Successful Interim Professional

Welcome to our exclusive training series for interim managers! Our carefully developed modules are designed for both future and current interim managers. Together, we will develop your skills and competencies to ensure your success as an interim manager.

Our training series consists of six comprehensive modules that build on each other. Each module offers extensive practical knowledge alongside theoretical content; both will help you sharpen your professional role, strengthen your market position, acquire interim mandates, and successfully complete your projects in the best interest of your clients.

Module 1: The First Step

Learn the fundamental legal, tax, and insurance aspects of self-employment as an interim manager. From starting your own business to avoiding false self-employment, this module provides a solid administrative foundation for your transition to self-employment and your role as an interim manager.

Module 2: Profile Sharpening for Interim Managers

Develop your unique selling proposition (USP) and sharpen your professional profile! This module helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses and optimize your self-presentation to successfully position yourself in the market.

Module 3: You Make the Difference

Your attitude influences your success! This module focuses on topics such as reflection and adaptability, stress management, and empathetic leadership. Develop mental strength and ethical leadership qualities that set you apart from other interim managers.

Module 4: Successful Acquisition

Learn how to effectively filter inquiries and present yourself optimally in introductory meetings. This module offers many practical exercises and role-plays to refine your communication skills and accurately identify customer needs.

Module 5: Success Factors at the Start of a Mandate

Start new mandates successfully with effective analysis techniques and sound knowledge in change management and digital transformation. This module effectively prepares you to tackle your clients’ challenges and create sustainable value for them.

Module 6: Staying One Step Ahead – Remaining Visible for Follow-up Assignments

Learn how to remain visible continuously and acquire new mandates regularly. This workshop provides strategies for networking and exchanging with interim providers. This workshop provides you with strategies for networking and exchanging ideas with interim providers.

Continue Practically After the Training – If You Want

After completing our modules, we regularly offer case consultation workshops where you can analyze real cases from the participants and develop solution strategies together. In a protected environment, we work together on your challenges and develop actionable solutions to ensure your project’s success. In a protected environment, we work together on your challenges and develop actionable solutions to ensure your project’s success.

Start Your Successful Career as an Interim Manager

Our training modules are scheduled to start in September/October 2024. Join us and benefit from our training and the opportunity to network extensively with other interim managers. You can now register without obligation and secure a place in our module series. For more information, please contact us directly. We look forward to accompanying and supporting you on your way to becoming a successful interim manager!

We provide this training in cooperation between
Reckers & Griesbach GmbH and change and grow GmbH.

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