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Solid decisions in spite of the fast pace: Interim Management – Digitalization

Unlike any other industry, the digitalization sector has an across-the-board and cross-sector function. Digitalization spans across all industries and influences all production and business processes.

The information technology and telecommunication sectors,

in particular, are highly relevant to digitalization. However, this transition process is not limited to the business world; it is also shaping the everyday life of each and every individual. The advent of the smartphone changed the entire nature of communication worldwide. Giant companies like Apple and Google are now omnipresent. Digitalization is advancing rapidly – and fast access to knowledge and information is of primary importance.

The digital pace is – without question – a challenge for many people, but it also offers wide-ranging opportunities for our standard of living, the infrastructure and the digital skills of private individuals, administrations and companies. The latter cannot afford to allow gaps in their IT when it comes to their staff. In order to facilitate a well thought-out recruitment process and yet not put your company at a competitive disadvantage during this time, the solution is to assign an interim manager for digitalization.

Nothing is as old as yesterday´s newspaper

What was once true about newspapers is now true about digital products and services. Any and all innovations quickly lose their relevance, as all developments are advancing at a rapid pace. For interim managers in the field of digitalization, therefore, nothing is more important than keeping pace. The cornerstone of their mindset is their extensive expertise – a high level of technical affinity as well as a comprehensive understanding of digital innovations.

Being able to quickly communicate this knowledge to employees and delegate tasks also requires strong communication skills and savvy decision making. At the same time, interim managers are used to never losing sight of the company´s strategic goals and maintaining close contact with management.

With expertise at your side

Reckers & Griesbach staffs management positions in companies – permanently and on an interim basis. From recruiting to conducting the selection process, we are at your side with professional expertise and a global network. Our mission is to fill your vacant positions with top executives who are a good fit for both you and your company. After all, nothing is more important than having the right person in the right job.

We fill leadership positions. Permanent and Interim.